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Call Heaven

Yesterday Simon asked what Caleb’s great grandmother’s maiden name was.  Caleb nor I could remember for the moment and T remarked, “You could call heaven and find out.”

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Our dress up boy

Q in his concert clothes

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Happy Halloween

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Jake’s 12 year old trip

When Simon turned 12, I decided to take him on a trip to celebrate.  The tradition continues as Jake has now reached that milestone.  Our trip was to California.

Our first stop was Disneyland.  I was very impressed!  The staff (or “cast” as they are called) were very well trained.  They were all friendly and polite.  The rides were fun and some were just amazing like Indiana Jones Adventure.  

Next stop:  California Adventure.  This is a newer theme park by Disney right next door.  It has a more adult feel with scarier rides, upscale restaurants and vendors selling wine and beer.  We saw some excellent shows there and rode the scariest ride EVER- the Hollywood Tower of Terror.  

I liken Disneyland to a delicious chocolate cake.  As you begin eating you are enjoying the wonderful taste.  As you eat more you begin to become satisified then full.  Finally, you realize if you don’t walk away now you will be sick.  🙂

Then we rode the amtrak train up to the central coast and San Luis Obispo.  The ride was scenic with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.  Here are a few shots.

Next stop:  Whale watching cruise.  Beautiful scenery and queasy stomachs were both present along with sightings of elephant seals, otters (cute!!) and of course, gray whales.

Last of all:  Hearst Castle.  Before we arrived, Jake astounded me by giving a 5 minute history of how Hearst’s papers had a hand in starting the Spanish American war and yellow journalism.  The castle has some incredible views and very interesting pieces.  We were not able to spot the free roaming herds of zebra though.

It was an amazing trip with all the things we were able to fit in.  I’m sure we will remember it always.  I’m also glad I have over three years before Ethan is 12;  by then I will have recuperated from this trip!

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Valentine's Gift from Grandad and Grandma

Valentine's Gift from Grandad and Grandma

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Pro-aborts lose another round to Phill Kline

Pro-aborts lose another round to Phill Kline.

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Goodest baby I ever saw

img_3783Heard today in morning prayers:  T (age 6) said, “And thank you for making Mama have Q because he is the goodest baby I ever saw.”

Here is the two of them!

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Escaped cow

This morning when I got out of bed, I heard a cow bellowing.  I walked into my kitchen and this is what I saw:

img_3792Can you see the cow looking in the window at me??  I then walked out on the front porch to take another.







I was able to immediately call Caleb and he got her back in pretty quickly. (This is what you have to look forward to, Tesha!)

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For Grady



Here is what T looked like for Halloween.

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The Biltmore


S and I stayed at the Biltmore in May 2007

S and I stayed at the Biltmore in May 2007

I heard a story on NPR this morning about the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix where John McCain is setting up his election night results party.  Since I used to work here I perked up my ears.  I can just imagine all the employees rushing around with enthusiasm at preparing for this big event.  I chuckled to hear in the story that the Biltmore has asked the employees to not discuss politics with each other.  That shows the attitude that was there back in 1994-1995 when I was there. It was working there that I became aware that there is a class system in this country- and I was one of the servants!  😉




S inside our room at the Biltmore, 5/07

S inside our room at the Biltmore, 5/07

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